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The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Non-Profit Organization

The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Non-Profit Organization

If you’re passionate about an issue, starting an organization to help would be a good idea. Just know that the leap would be major and there are many things to consider before.

Legal status

Registering as a charity would let you reap benefits; the taxes you pay might be lower, or you might not have to pay any at all. The process to register would differ depending on where you live. Sometimes, the documents you’d have to fill would be long and tedious. That’s why you’re recommended to get the help of a lawyer.

You might have to fill out the forms months before your organization sets up. And there likely would be fees you’d have to pay.


Connect with expert legal help. Not only would he help you with registering, but he’d help you avoid legal trouble. As you’d be dealing with the local community, you’d cross paths with a lot of angry people. Having him by your side would prevent you from being sued.

Don’t just work with an attorney. Ask around so that you’d have the best by your side.


What cause will your non-profit help? if you’re passionate about many things, start an organization around the thing that would be the easiest to help. Create a 5-year plan. It’d be like a business plan, but it’d sum all the things you’d like to achieve before the period ends.

The name of your non-profit should also reflect your mission. Make sure that it’s memorable so that you’d leave a lasting impact.


You’ll need funding to reach your goals. You’ll likely have a team of workers that you’ll have to pay too. Depending on the cause, how easy it would be for you to get donations would differ. Homelessness might be a very common issue where you live – more people would want to help feed the city’s cold and hungry than anything else.

Reach out to large companies as they can be quite charitable. By giving you money, they would improve their public image.

You can also obtain government grants. Look into what your government is trying to do to solve the problem you’re working on.


Safeguard your assets. Apply for public liability insurance for not for profit. You could get up to USD 10 million in coverage. The insurance is just what you’d want if you’re going to be planning a major public event.


Hopefully, there are other local non-profits with the same goal as you. By partnering with them, you’ll be able to expand your missions as well as your contacts so that you could gain more funds.

Final Thoughts

All in all, a lot has to be considered if you’re planning on starting a non-profit organization. Know that you’d have to register it, which can be a tedious task. You’ll have to get the help of a lawyer so that the documentation goes smoothly. Having superb legal aid by your side would help whenever legal troubles arise too.

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