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5 Tips When Buying Used Car-Parts

5 Tips When Buying Used Car-Parts

Why not buy second-hand auto-parts? You’d be saving a lot, and you could pick something up that’s in great condition. Read ahead to find the best tips when shopping.


You’d want what you bought to be in the best condition possible. If not, you’d be increasing the chances of having to spend and swap it out in the future.

Ask the seller for a detailed history of any damage and work that has been done to the part. He should be able to provide it without you asking.

Reputed Seller

Who are you going to be buying from? Work with someone who won’t try and scam you. The largest names are the best to work with as they have reputations to live up to.

You could work with dealers, and not just stores that specialize in offering second-hand parts. You’d be surprised at the number of official shops offering aftermarket AMG parts.


If you’re not going to be buying online, bring a mechanic with you. As you’re buying something second-hand, it might not be in the best condition. His expert eye would let you stay away from anything that has been damaged and concealed. And he’d let you know if the seller is selling the item for more than it’s worth.

You might be able to assess the part even if you’re buying online. It would be trickier, but you’ll be able to do it by providing the mechanic detailed pictures. Ask the seller if he could include videos too – the mechanic could really check things out.


The auto-part may have been purchased ages ago; its warranty might have expired. Even if the coverage is still around, it might almost be up. The best sellers would offer parts with extensive warranties left.

Before making the purchase, carefully assess the warranty agreement. You’d know the exact coverage you’ll get.


No surprise, the part would be much more affordable than newer counterparts. But depending on its condition and age, you might not be paying as little as you’d think. Shop around for whoever is offering what you want at the lowest rate.

As mentioned, bringing an expert with you would be a good idea. The chances of you getting scammed would be low.

Genuine Parts

Speaking of getting scammed, check the item’s VIN and OEM numbers. The VIN code would tell you if what you’re buying would be compatible with your vehicle or not. In turn, you’d also know if what you’re looking at is genuine. OEM codes would tell you if the part is genuine as well – you’d have to pass it through the Original Equipment Manufacturer code database.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to buying second-hand auto-parts, there are multiple things to consider. Everything we talked about would help. Probably the most important is the condition of what you’d be buying. Make sure the part is in good condition. You can ensure this by bringing an expert to assess what you’re thinking of buying.

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