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6 Things to Do Once You Move into A Home

6 Things to Do Once You Move into A Home

You just bought your dream home. However, there are many things to check and do if you just moved in. Keep reading to learn more.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Make sure that the house’s carbon monoxide detector is functioning. The gas could leak from your stove at night.

Depending on where you live, CO detectors may not be popular. Keep your family safe by installing them. In line with this, check your smoke detectors too. Older homes tend to have outdated ones – if a fire were to start in the night, you might not hear the alarm go off.

There are smoke detecting systems with sprinklers built-in. You’d commonly see them in offices and kitchens, but many ones for homes have started to include the water too.


The home may look superb, but its locks are not in the best state. You’ll have no idea how safe they are unless a lock-smith comes by. Know that you can easily purchase new ones from your local hardware store.

Speaking of locks, you could install digital ones. You’d place a special code that would unlock the doors. There are countless digital ones around, and they would keep your family the safest.


If you don’t have a trained eye, you wouldn’t be able to spot the pests that might be on the property. From rodents, snakes to ants, they could be anything. You should have preferably hired a pest control team to assess the home before you bought it. But if you didn’t, do it immediately after you move in.


Even if the house isn’t old, it might have a mould issue. The fungi would collect in dark and humid spots. The best places to look are the basement and attic.

Why is mould an issue? For one, it ruins the look of the interior. But more importantly, it can wreak havoc on your health. Basic fungi rile allergies up. You might have heard of black mould before. It’s a deadly kind of fungi that can even cause insanity.

Curb Appeal

Why not increase the property’s curb appeal? First impressions matter; the exterior of the house would impress people the most. It’s thankfully not hard to increase curb appeal – just tend to your front and back yards. You could manicure the lawns and bushes as well as create flower beds. If you really want to, you could hire teams to landscape.

Check the Warranties

You probably purchased the house with all of its appliances. Make sure that their warranties are in-check. If you’re not a fan of the coverage present, you could purchase and extend them.

If the warranties are about to run out, and you didn’t buy the home yet, you could use this as a reason to bring the house’s price down.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to the things you’ll have to do once the home is yours, there is plenty. From the assortment, the most important would be making sure its carbon monoxide detector is working. It may have a smoke detector, but it may be old – assess it too.

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