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Storing Your Vinyl Records: Pro Tips

Storing Your Vinyl Records: Pro Tips

Vinyl records are long-lasting gems that you and your family will appreciate. They are passed down through generations as loved ones celebrate the music of their days.

However, if you’re a real vinyl collector, you know how important it is to keep your records secure. They must be handled with caution because they are extremely fragile and easily destroyed. Records that have been scratched, scuffed, or bent can cause skips in the music – or, worse, will not play at all!

Here are some pointers on how to preserve vinyl records correctly in order to preserve and safeguard them, regardless of their condition or age.

Try and wipe the records before wrapping them up in their sleeves

Firstly, Don’t Really wipe your records with your t-shirt! No matter how smooth or clean you believe your shirt is, the fabrics and dirt traces will scuff and damage your vinyl. Use the appropriate equipment for the task.

You most likely have a record brush if you keep vinyl records. If you don’t have one, you can buy one online or at a nearby music shop. These tools are a simple and effective way to remove dirt and dust. Simply place the brush on the record and turn it slowly.

If your record requires a deeper clean, you can buy vinyl-cleaning solution. Simply spray the solvent onto the vinyl, avoiding the music label, and clean in a clockwise direction with a soft microfiber. Do every 6 months to keep your records looking – and, most importantly, sounding – like new.

Always keep records in their original album sleeves

According to several vinyl experts, the only reason the record should be removed from its jacket is while it is being played. That means you can put your record back as soon as you finish listening to it. By keeping it on the sound system for longer than required, dirt and dust will collect on the records, affecting sound quality.

If the record is a really memorable one, then you can even use a vinyl record frame.

Keep your record collection upright at all times

Vinyl records should be kept upright to keep them in good shape. Records that have been kept at a slant for a prolonged period of time can warp caused by uneven pressure exerted on them. This is why records are frequently stored upright in containers. Crate dividers ensure that your records remain upright and even, with little to no slanting.

Never pile records on top of each other

If your records are in their sleeves or not, stacking them could permanently destroy them. The weight can cause warping of the vinyl as well as cracking or scuff marks. When you pile records in storage, you even jeopardize the album jacket artwork.

Check to see if you’re playing your records correctly

When you go to grab your record, make sure you just hit the very edge and not the surface! By scratching the surface of the album, you are unwittingly transferring oils from your fingertips to the vinyl, which can have a negative impact on the record’s consistency over time.

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