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How to Quit Smoking

How to Quit Smoking

Some people have vices. It can be smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, or gambling in different casinos. People tend to indulge in these vices to seek pleasure, alleviate stress, or simply because of addiction. Smoking is probably the worst vice to have because it can severely affect your physical health. If you are a smoker, and you’re thinking about quitting, then you’re doing the right decision. It can be a difficult path, but it will be worth it in the end. The following are ways on how to quit your smoking habit.

Choose to Quit

Deciding to quit is the first and most important step. Making a decision to stop and actually doing it are very different from each other, so you have to make an effort to make it a reality. Set a date when to start. Don’t make any postponements. Make sure that you set a date that will work for you. Don’t change your mind at the last minute or you won’t get past step one.

Break the Habit

There are definite times in a day when you smoke. It can be after breakfast, during coffee or lunch breaks, when you go to the toilet, etc. Whenever it is, be sure that you change it. If you smoke mostly during the day, reduce it to a certain number first and smoke at a different time.

Reduce the Sticks

When you’ve started changing the times when you smoke, the next step is to gradually decrease the number of sticks that you consume. If you’re used to smoking 20 sticks a day, start reducing it to at least a stick less per day. Over time, it will be easier to smoke fewer sticks in a day. Slow and steady is the key to successfully quit your smoking habit. Reducing it instantly from 20 sticks to a much lower number will be bad for you. You wouldn’t want to experience any withdrawal symptoms later on. 

Use Alternatives

To finally quit smoking, you can use some alternatives that will give you the same relief and gratification that a cigarette gives you but in a much healthier way. Different replacements can be found in the market such as nicotine gums, nicotine patches, and pouches. If you’re interested in getting nicotine pouches, check out V & You UK as they have pouches in different flavours at a reasonable price. These are made from clean and natural ingredients plus tested in a laboratory so it is surely created with the best quality.

Engage in Activities

Engaging in activities can help lift your mind off of smoking. You can do some exercise, go on a road trip, camping, fishing, swimming, take morning or afternoon walks, shopping, eating, or any other activity that will make you busy.

You can do these alone or with a friend as long as that friend is a non-smoker. If he/she is, remind him/her to smoke away from you. Quitting isn’t easy. A lot of effort and determination are required to succeed. And also, it may months or years to fully quit. So, don’t rush yourself.

Don’t be disappointed if you fail along the way. You can always try again and accomplish your goal. Be patient and believe in yourself.

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