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3 Types of Work Outfits

3 Types of Work Outfits

The classification for the work attires are as follows:

Casual outfit

Casual wear is a way of dressing that is not only used for business settings but also outside work. In other words, it is to be dressed in an informal manner. Typical casual attire includes jeans and t-shirts. However, nowadays, many workspaces have adapted a more relaxed atmosphere.

One element of it is to eliminate strict office wear. An example of it is the leading company, Google. Google has no restrictions on attires and allows its employees to be casually dressed. Though, one must always keep in mind no to have casual dress when interacting with clients or attending an interview. 

Casual wear for women:

Casual dresses for women are inclusive of t-shirts, tops, jeans, and shorts. The casual footwear includes sneakers, sandals and, low heels. 

Casual wear for men:

The casual wears for men are T-shirts, shirts, and sweaters, along with jeans, denim, pants, and shorts. Men can wear sneakers or loafers for a casual dress code.

Professional business wear

In contrast to the casual dress code, business professional wear is a form of traditional office dress. This attire is used in companies with strict uniforms. Thus, a characteristic of this dress is that it should be well-fitted. Therefore, it has to be tailored according to your measurements.

Industries mentioned below require mandatory professionals’ attire.

  • Accountants
  • Banking
  • Lawyers

Professional business wear for women is Womens work shirts and blouses with blazers, tailored dresses, fitted skirts, and pants. To suit the professional outfit, women can either wear flats or a maximum of three-inch heels for footwear. Besides that, the accessories should be minimal- for say, a wristwatch.

Professional business wears for men:          

For men, there are limited options when it comes to a professional outfit. They should wear dark-coloured, either grey or navy formal- that is, a suit or a tie. When it comes to selecting a tie, it should be simple and charming. It is advisable to avoid ties with patterns or bright colours. 

Furthermore, if you opt for shirts, then it is preferred to have them in white or light blue coloured.

Smart casual outfit

This dress code is similar to business casual, yet, slightly differs with a stylish touch. Hence, the smart outfit is suitable in flexible office settings. It is the best way to stay informal, yet maintaining a sense of professionalism. After all, the dress you wear speaks for you.

The items of smart casual clothing for women are many. Any combination of the following items can create a perfect smart outfit for women. These are dresses, shirts, blazers, blouses, trousers, and skirts. In addition to that, heels or flats are ideal footwear. Moreover, add elegance by either wearing a scarf, or jewellery.

The items of smart casual clothing for men are:

The smart casual for men has these clothing items, jackets, ties, shirts, and boots and belts.

These are the various form of business attire one can wear at work.

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