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Portable Toilets for A Greener Environment

Portable Toilets for A Greener Environment

For a long time now, a lot of environmental groups and associations have been telling people, particularly influential conglomerates how our action is affecting the Earth’s condition. Fortunately, most of us have started to listen and be conscious about our activities. There are supermarkets that have decided to go plastic free, restaurants that chose to use utensils that could also be eaten by the guests and manufacturers that use biodegradable packaging.

The portable toilet industry has also been conscious about its carbon footprint. It might come as a surprise but portable toilets actually contribute to saving the Earth’s natural resources because of the following reasons:

Portable toilets use less water

Compared to our toilets at home, portable toilets use less water. Studies have shown that using portable toilets would save millions of gallons of fresh water daily since portable toilets do not need the use of water when flushing and disposing waste. Although there are toilets now that only require a lesser amount of water when flushing compared to older models, portable toilets are still the victor when it comes to saving water.

Portable toilets dispose wastes properly

Human wastes collected by portable toilets are disposed of properly. There are numerous risks if human waste is not correctly taken care of. It could cause diseases and affect vegetation. For whatever purpose you are looking for a portable toilet block available for hire, you don’t need to worry about the environment where you would be setting it up.

This is provided you rent one from a reputable provider known for its cleanliness, safety and efficiency. You have to be very particular about this factor especially if you are renting a portable toilet for an event where there are kids and babies who are more susceptible and easily affected by diseases because of germs.

Portable toilets will not attract pests

By nature, human wastes attract pests, flies specifically. Fortunately, portable toilets are designed to control the odour by ensuring that the toilets come with odour neutralizers and bacterial inhibitors, therefore minimizing the possibility of it attracting flies that are not only annoying and unsightly, unsanitary as well. When there are no flies, the possibility of transmitting cholera, conjunctivitis, tuberculosis, typhoid fever and other diseases is lesser.

Portable toilets are sanitary

It might be contradictory to think that portable toilets are sanitary but in fact they do. Portable toilets come with a sink and hand sanitizer encouraging frequent hand washing and sanitizing for those who use them minimizing the possibility of spreading germs caused by human wastes. Providers and suppliers of portable toilets also ensure that each and every unit they rent out to clients are always clean and decontaminated.

When you hire a portable toilet, make sure that the provider is using an appropriate wastewater system because there are chemicals used in standard portable toilets that are toxic to humans, floras and faunas if released directly to the ground. Making sure that the portable toilet provider is ethical would ensure that you are doing your part for the environment.

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