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Top reasons why your fuel economy is below par – and solutions!

Top reasons why your fuel economy is below par – and solutions!

The amount of fuel needed to run a mile in a cruiser is lesser than that of what’s needed for an SUV. But both the vehicle owners are well aware of these conditions when they’re investing in vehicles. The problem only comes up when the economy falls below par. Why does it happen? How can you fix it? In this read, we’re going to look at some of the most common issues that lead to poor fuel economy and solutions to fix it.

Excessive air conditioner use

Australia is a country of dramatic temperature differences. When we’re driving, there’s no doubt that we’re used to keeping the A/C turned on almost all the time. But have you ever been observant enough to notice the fuel economy during colder and warmer days? If you didn’t know, the ambient temperature always has a massive effect on the fuel consumed for the air conditioning. Therefore, you can always try to notice this difference and fix it as much as you can so the fuel economy would come up to the expected levels.

Improper driving habits

Sometimes the red flag is none other than you. Are you the kind to speed for longer distances? Or maybe you just apply brakes too hard almost all the time? Or can we generalize everything as borderline aggressive driving? All these are bad habits that affect your fuel economy. This doesn’t mean you have to be unnecessarily careful when applying gas, but it’s better to know what you’re doing because it can cost you a fortune in the long run.

Poor fuel flow within the engine

Being one of the most subtle reasons it’s about time you dive into the engine itself to examine the roots of poor fuel economy. The regular flow of fuel within the engine is extremely necessary for the engine to use the optimal volume of fuel required depending on the conditions they’re driven on. If the fuel pressure regulator is not performing in the way it should, it’s going to have a massive impact on fuel efficiency. After all, how can you expect the engine to use the optimal fuel volume when the pressure is not being regulated?

But is that enough to confirm the issue with the regulator? No. You can always check the condition of the spark plugs as well. If they have happened to have a coat of blackish powder, and if the exhaust is darker and has more volume than ever, and if the vehicle keeps misfiring, it’s better to replace the regulator without damaging further. In doing so, be sure to pick a branded product since the effect of COVID-19 has forced companies to see magnificent brand-based parts for as cheap as 200$-250$ at a starting price.

Malfunctioning tyre system

If there was something wrong with your legs, wouldn’t you need extra energy to move? You would. Thus, if the tyres aren’t ideally inflated, or if there happened to be poor tyre balancing or suspension, all of these issues would mix together to ruin your fuel economy.

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