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The Ideal Cardboard Boxes for Packaging

The Ideal Cardboard Boxes for Packaging

Cardboard boxes are a staple for product packaging, especially when transporting goods from warehouses and sending goods through cargo shipments. When it comes to cardboard boxes, it is not only one square brown box. Nowadays, there are a lot of variations done in terms of shapes, sizes, and even colour. So, how do you know the ideal box for your business? Keep reading below to figure it out.

What are the various types of cardboard boxes used for packaging?

It can be an overwhelming task to get your hands on the right type of box for your needs. Thus, many skip this process of choosing and opt for the regular options available in the market. This, however, is a form of typical behaviour.

The Boxes Are Mainly Classified into Three Categories

  • Single walled corrugated cardboard box
  • Double walled corrugated cardboard box
  • Triple walled corrugated cardboard box

Hence, the single wall boxes are ideal for packing smaller items, while; the tri-wall box is the best option for heavy-duty distribution of the goods. Imagine the benefits of getting the right box for packaging purposes. There are countless benefits. Here are a few of them.

  • The packaging process is smooth
  • Provide proper protection for your products
  • Facilitate storage space

And, if you take the extra step to brand your boxes, then; you are creating the correct impression on the audience. This can be a win-win situation for your business. Besides, when you first-hand select the boxes, you can eliminate the need for messy taping and fix needed to secure the parcel- as nowadays there are boxes that have been designed to offer a better fastening solution.

Apart from that, you could also have additional accessories, such as wheels or pallets on the boxes, that help when transporting heavy items. You can approach a bespoke packaging solution provider if you’re looking for flat pack boxes or telescopic boxes. They can customize the packaging to satisfy your requirements.

Below We Have Listed A Few Box Types and Their Purposes

White coloured box

The white box is a supreme solution when it comes to highlighting your consignment and grabbing attention. Besides that, it is also a great option when sending out something with apparent instructions.

Flat boxes

These boxes are an ideal choice when it comes to wrapping a picture frame or a mirror. In general, flat boxes are designed for slim packaging.

Customized Boxes

There can be various reasons to customize packaging. One could be a personal reason, such as to present a gift. Apart from that, you could also have tailored boxes with specified dimensions to pack items like television and computers. Perhaps, another main reason to have customized boxes for packaging is to create brand awareness.

Telescopic boxes

These boxes are split in two, and one acts as a sliding lid to the other. It is an ideal option to pack goods with varying dimensions. It is an easy solution for transporting goods via postal with proper protection. For example, a novel can be packed in a telescopic box.

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