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A step-by-step guide to getting into resin-based artwork creation

A step-by-step guide to getting into resin-based artwork creation

Artworks based on resin can be sold for thousands if you did the marketing work right. Hence, when you’re getting into resin-based artworks, you’re more or less taking the first few steps into a million-dollar empire.

But a long journey needs to start off right. Thus, in this read, we’re going to guide you step by step on how to do your first resin-based artwork.

Figure out the type of resin-based artwork you want to do

Resin is a type of material that sets with time. Hence, in imagining the occasions where these can be used, both flat surfaces and molds come to our mind. When you create resin-based artworks on flat surfaces, the material tends to protrude upwards from the surface.

And when it comes to molds, the material stays inside the mold. The types of resins and pigments for each occasion tend to differ slightly. With a little bit of technical research, it wouldn’t be all too hard to get a thorough idea of that.

Choose a reliable brand for all of your supplies

The incompatibility of the resins and pigments is one of the most common problems that resin artists face. This may look evident when the desired color opacity is not met when there’s a layer intermixing, when the settling takes longer, and even when the pigments just don’t mix well with the resin.

Most of these complications, and the incompatibility of resin types based on the type of artwork, as mentioned in the previous point, can be fixed when you use the same type of brand for all the resins and pigments – it’s that straightforward.

Prioritize getting starter kits for the job

If this is the very first time, you’re to create an artwork based on resin, there’s no doubt that it just might be a little bit difficult the first time. But it’s not just the creation itself that is difficult; it’s the selection of the supplies as well. In evaluating the points in this read, you can see how each aspect directs you in a different direction, but all these can converge when you choose resin kits.

These starter kits have been compiled by the manufactures to break the stigma of some believing that resin-based artwork creation is not exactly easy. Hence, as a beginner, whether it was your first time or one of the first few times, be sure to prioritize kits since that would surely give you a better experience.

Ensure to follow a well-formulated color guide for color selection

Although you can always adhere to a color palette on your own, you should ask yourself whether you know all the possible color options. This issue is resolved with most color guides involved in resin-based artworks. But in order for them to be useful in the best way, it’s quite essential that the color guide isn’t from just any source, but the manufacturerthemselves.

Get to work wearing all the protective equipment!

That’s all about it! As long as you have your essentials, and wearing the protective equipment, it’s time to create magic.

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