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The Importance of Hygiene in Public Spaces During Covid

The Importance of Hygiene in Public Spaces During Covid

The paranoia surrounding Covid has been a never-ending scale of ‘stay safe’ and ‘we are finally free’ however in almost 2 years the strains of Covid have just proved that there is no going back to how things were. For restaurant owners, hotels and anyone running a business that depends on customers it is refreshing to be finally able to open up and start serving spaces.

However, that does not mean people are back to treating Covid as something of the past, customers are always concerned about the cleanliness and hygiene of a public space. So, if you are in the service business or in this case a restaurant owner how do you bridge gap between serving your customers to best of your abilities and also making sure you are serving in a sterile and clean environment.

Scanning menus

This method has been adopted by many restaurants around the world. Instead of the usual menus that are still available on request but are not used as much anymore. A QR code as now at every table so that a person can now scan the menu and view it through your phone.

This way less interaction happens meaning that the virus has lesser chances of spreading through touching of surfaces. Being in a generation where people are on their phones almost all the time the method of QR codes has been easily adopted and if anything preferred too.

Section off areas

At one point all restaurants and pubs had a maximum occupancy however with restrictions easing crowd control too has become more lenient. Although this should not be the case. It is important that people feel safe even if they are in a closed space. As a restaurant owner and manager, it is important that you find a way to manage your space while also ensuring sales and safety of customers.

Carry out regular deep cleaning

Yes, it is of prime importance that tables, washrooms or any other public space of a restaurant should be cleaned often but sometimes that is not enough. You may need to get a deep clean more often than you did previously. The great part of this deep clean is that nor you or your staff will have to do it.

There is an easier way where you can simply outsource or hire a retail store cleaning company can save your time and money. So, you do not have to worry about the cleanliness of the restaurant or spend too much on it. The fact that you are concerned about this will also ensure your customers that you are taking precautions making them more comfortable to visit your restaurant.

Reduce chance of infections

We have heard plenty of stories where one employee who contracted the virus resulted in offices and business having to close down for the quarantine period. So why let this happen if you ensure regular testing and a clean environment. This way you make sure your staff is too protected making them also feel more comfortable working

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