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How Telehealth Contributes to the Future of Healthcare

How Telehealth Contributes to the Future of Healthcare

Because of the current pandemic, the need for telehealth has increased because the healthcare industry needed to minimize the spread of the coronavirus all the while providing essential healthcare to patients. Communication technology has allowed telehealth to provide healthcare services to patients remotely. This way, they don’t need to visit the clinic or hospital for minor illnesses and risk being exposed to coronavirus. They can access quality healthcare while practising social distancing.

Patients and caregivers don’t need to be in the same location to access quality healthcare services. You can read here for more information about exactly what telehealth is and its benefits. Before the pandemic, telehealth services has a lot of limitations and it was used as support for patients in rural or remote locations to access medical advice. But currently, telehealth has become a large industry and it offers convenience for both patients and caregivers. The use of telehealth increased with the increasing risk of coronavirus spread. However, it has become an important part of healthcare industry itself in a short time. Telehealth services allow medical professionals to see more patients in a shorter time. Therefore, this is a more preferred option for follow up appointments and appointments with low urgency. It will save costs for the patient as they don’t need to take a leave from work and there are no costs for travelling, parking or childcare. It will also reduce clinic overheads.

Because of the incredible convenience provided by telehealth, patients are able to refill their prescriptions without going to the clinic and doctors can review test results of their patients using these remote telecommunication services. It contributes positively to the environment as well because there are fewer people using transport to go for their follow up appointments. There are chronic diseases that need proper management and patients suffering from these diseases need support and expert advice. Some of these conditions are heart disease, lung disease, kidney disease, diabetes etc. Doctors will be able to track their patients’ progress and monitor their level of health. Most patients see a drop in their health as they don’t refill prescriptions and don’t follow through with treatment. This can be due to many reasons but making healthcare more accessible will allow these patients to better manage their care.

When patients don’t stick to a care plan, it can rack up costs for them and the industry as well. These costs can be reduced when patient engagement is improved. Patients can connect with their doctor quickly and more regularly with telehealth and this way they are able to ask the doctor about any issues they are having and how they can improve their condition. There is no need for them to book a physical appointment and spend a long time in the waiting room. There is more attention on mental health when telehealth techniques are used. There is more anxiety and depression that is caused by the present pandemic and those who are in need of help can easily connect with their support groups or their therapists. This way, you don’t lose the connection with the outside world when lockdowns are set, you can simply connect to the world in a different way.

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