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Tips for Selecting Cheerleading Uniforms

Tips for Selecting Cheerleading Uniforms

If you are looking for a cheerleading outfit for you next year, you will need to start looking now in order to find a professional company for custom outfits. You need to make sure that you leave enough time to search for potential suppliers and to order the outfits.

Many of these stores will offer custom uniforms for other sports teams as well such as basketball, football, athletics etc. There are additional items you can look for when purchasing cheerleader uniforms like warm up clothing, jackets, accessories, shorts, footwear etc. It can be a tough job to find a supplier to do custom apparel. If you haven’t ordered from the place before, you need to understand their level of credibility and professionalism. You need to have a budget beforehand as well that will count for any additional outfits you will need. It is always best to order an additional amount as there can be damage to the uniforms in the middle of the season. Once you have a budget in mind, you have an idea of whether you can afford the clothing from a supplier. You also have a starting point to negotiate. It is best to speak to all the members of the team before setting a budget so that you can arrive at a realistic figure. You can look for a company that provides cheer uniforms in a range of price points.

The comfort of the cheer uniforms is another factor. You need to consider the fabric of the uniforms and check how comfortable it is and how flexible it is during activity. It should allow you to move freely without being itchy or uncomfortable. You should also check whether the fabric is machine washable or whether the suppler recommends hand washing. It is best to choose a fabric that can be machine washed to increase convenience. The durability of the fabric has to be considered as well. You will be wearing the cheer uniform multiple times and you need to check whether the fabric and the make will allow it to last several seasons. If you go for the cheapest option that is available, you will not have a guarantee of quality. And multiple replacements can actually cost you more in the long run.

There are school regulations when it comes to cheer uniforms. You need to check the regulations that are imposed by your school before you confirm the fit and measurements. Generally, there will be a uniform length that is specified by the school and certain styles that are recommended as per the dress code. You need to ensure that each uniform is a perfect fit for the body types of the cheer leaders on the team. It is best to prioritise comfort over the style of the uniform. This is something you will wear for a long duration and multiple seasons so you need to be comfortable in order to perform at your peak. Make sure that the outfit doesn’t change shape during movement and that it can allow for a full range of motion.

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