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Reasons to Carry Out an Electrical Audit

Reasons to Carry Out an Electrical Audit

An electrical audit will give you an idea of the safety of your home or commercial electrical system. There are companies that carry out these audits at different scales and sectors. When it comes to residential electrical audits, they will check if the electrical work in the home is carried out according to the code set by local authorities. Sometimes this may not be the case in older homes.

Electrocution is a common hazard in many homes and there are lots of things you can do to safeguard against this. You can read Total Control electrical news to understand the common electrical hazards in your home and how to act in the case of an electrical emergency. There are many issues that come up due to poorly insulated electrical wires. This can even lead to a fire. Other causes of electrical fires are damaged wiring and not using extension cords properly. However, there are many devices that you can use to reduce the risk of electrical fires such as Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter outlets and Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter outlets. By contacting a company to carry out an electrical audit in your home, you will be able to identify potential hazards and devise solutions to keep your family safe.

When there are improperly insulated or damaged wires or even bare wires that have gotten wet, electricity will escape and take the shortest route to the ground. If you happen to touch the wire or an appliance when this is happening, the path to ground will be provided through your body allowing you to be electrocuted. These auditing companies will let you know what kinds of devices you can use to make your home safer. One such device is the AFCI outlet that can detect arc faults. You can use these outlets in areas that have a higher risk for electrical hazards such as areas with high moisture. The AFCI outlet will protect your home against electrical fires. And a GFCI outlet will protect against electrical shock resulting from ground faults. The auditing company will be able to recognise warning signs. They will generally work according to a checklist and they will inspect the entire home for potential hazards.

The experts will identify areas that are not according to current regulations and plan out how to improve them. An audit can also help you find ways of reducing the electrical bill by detecting if there are appliances and lighting that consume a lot of energy that can be replaced by energy efficient alternatives. You will be able to optimise your electrical system with the help of an electrical audit. This is especially important for companies to improve their operational efficiency and excellence. This will ensure that the equipment in the facility and the employees are kept safe. Operational costs can be reduced as well which can improve productivity of the workplace. There will be fewer accidents in the facility which will create a better workplace for everyone.

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