What to Know About Eyelash Lifting

What to Know About Eyelash Lifting

There are many options for beautifying the eyes such as eyelash extensions and mascara. Many people want to achieve full and luscious lashes which is something that can be achieved by eyelash lifting. This is also called a lash perm and his cosmetic procedure will enhance the natural beauty of your lashes without having to apply extensions.

Eyelash lifting South Mernda gives a more lifted and curled appearance to your lashes giving the impression of longer and fuller lashes. Your eyes will appear more youthful as a result. In eye lash lifting, a silicone pad or a shield is used to lift the lashes from the root. This is quite similar to what a traditional eyelash curler does. There is a specialised lash lift solution that will be applied to your lashes so that it is easier to mould them into the desired shape. This will soften the lashes so it is easier to work with. This solution will be left on the lashes for some time and then a neutralising solution will be applied so that the lashes can be set in the lifted position. A tint will also be applied so that the lashes will be darkened so that it looks as if you have applied mascara. The resulting appearance is more natural. This is a cosmetic procedure you can do to enhance your natural beauty and longer and fuller lashes can bring a change to your face. This will also be a natural looking lift without the use of artificial lashes.

When you apply eyelash extensions,

They need to be touched up regularly which can be a hassle. But this will not be an issue with eyelash lifting. You will be able to enjoy the appearance of lifted lashes for several weeks from the day of the procedure without having to carry out any additional treatments. It also takes time to curl your lashes and apply mascara each day. Therefore, eyelash lifting will help save you time in the morning and you will be able to get some additional shut eye as a result. You will not need to use mascara once you have this procedure done as a lash tint can be done at the end of the procedure. This will give a darker appearance to your lashes without the need to use makeup. You will be comfortable for the duration of this procedure and as it is designed to last for several weeks, you will be able to enjoy the convenience for a long time.

A trained and certified technician should perform eyelash lifting.

You need to check for this when looking for a place to have this procedure done. There will be an initial consultation so that you can let them know what you expect from the procedure. You can also let them know whether you have any allergies or concerns about the procedure. It will be explained in depth to you so that you understand what to expect. They will also let you know of the proper aftercare. You will need to avoid water and steam for the first day or two along with excessive heat. You have to avoid swimming, hot showers and saunas in this period if you want to ensure durability of the lash lift.

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