Unconventional Uses of Folding Trolleys

Unconventional Uses of Folding Trolleys

Folding trolleys are a versatile tool to transport luggage, facilitate housekeeping duties and carry groceries. But there are so many other tasks that you can use them for, going far beyond their conventional applications.

If you are a gardening enthusiast, you can use a trolley cart to create a mobile gardening station. The trolley can be equipped with gardening tools, watering cans, pots, soil, seeds etc. This therefore becomes a portable workspace that you can move around the garden or the patio quite easily. You will be able to plant herbs, vegetables, fruits and flowers easily with this addition and it will effortlessly organise your gardening supplies so that you will have everything you want within easy reach. You can also create a DIY workstation so that you can attend to any repair around the house. This can be a workbench for so many tasks and you can load the trolley with tools, paint suppliers, hardware and other essentials. You can roll the cart to your workshop or anywhere around the house where you are carrying out the repair. The trolley can be folded up and stored when you are not using it so that it can be used for the next DIY task.

You can also use a folding trolley to create a successful outdoor gathering or picnic.

This can actually be a makeshift picnic table when you place a tabletop surface on this. This can be a sturdy wooden board and you can attach this to the frame of the trolley so that a stable eating area can be created. You can have picnic blankets, chairs or cushions around this so that a cosy seating arrangement can be created. You will be able to enjoy a picnic in any outdoor setting with this idea. Folding trolleys lend themselves to arts and crafts easily. This can be a storage cart to organise your arts and crafts materials and supplies. The compartments of the trolley can be used to store sketchbooks, canvases, paintbrushes, fabric, yarn etc. This has a compact footprint and it is highly portable so you can actually wheel the trolley from one room to another so that you have everything you need when inspiration strikes.

You can transform

The folding trolley to a portable bar cart by stocking it with your favourite spirits, glassware, mixers, bar accessories etc. You can create a highly functional mobile bar this way. The trolley can be rolled to the patio, poolside, outdoor deck etc. You can even have this on the go for an outdoor event. You can serve cocktails and beverages wherever you go. If you are a pet owner, you can use this trolley as a mobile pet grooming station by having grooming tools, towels, shampoo and treats. You can easily move the trolley around the home or yard so that you can easily bathe your fur baby and brush and pamper them. You can wipe down the surfaces of the trolley after grooming and store it away in a discreet corner once you have folded it.

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