Essential Accessories for Your Boat

Essential Accessories for Your Boat

Having the right accessories on hand is important when you are boating and in this article, we will look into some of the essentials that will make your boating experience more enjoyable and safer.

Safety should be given priority

When you are out on the water and this means, the boat has to be equipped with life jackets for every passenger. This will not depend on whether they can swim or not. Everyone should be wearing the jackets. You can look for quality life jackets that meet safety regulations and are comfortable to wear. It is also a good idea to have some extra jackets in different sizes so that you can be ready for any situation. You should be prepared for any accidents that can happen and for this, you can have a well-stocked first aid kit that has the essentials to address minor injuries and illnesses. You need to have antiseptic wipes, bandages, medication for seasickness, pain relievers along with any personal medication that you need. While GPS has transformed navigation, it is also best to have some traditional navigation tools on hand as a backup. Some of the items you can carry are nautical charts, a compass and a waterproof chart case in case your electronic navigation systems fail or if the signal is lost. It goes without saying that you should learn how to use these traditional navigation tools so that you can get to safety in any situation.

You can find online stores for marine accessories

And parts quite easily such as marine wire rope thimbles, chains, double braided ropes etc. You can always contact the store to check whether they have what you need. There are also essentials to secure the boat in place such as the anchor and rode. You need to choose a reliable anchor depending on the type and size of your boat. And if you are experiencing adverse weather conditions or you are headed to a crowded marine, decking and mooring can be especially challenging. So you need to have fenders for the boat so that it can be protected from colliding with other vessels or docks. You will also need to get dock lines with the right length and strength to moor your boat securely.    

To stay safe on the water,

You will also need communication devices such as handheld marine radios and VHF radios. You will be able to communicate with other boaters using these as well as emergency services and marinas. You can never tell when you will experience an emergency on the boat and in a situation like this, you need to have signalling devices like distress flags and flares. This will help you attract attention and get help. You also have to check whether these signalling equipment are in good working condition before you start your journey. A boat is a considerable investment and you can protect it from the elements when it is not in use with tarps or boat covers. These will help protect your boat from UV damage and extend its life.

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